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Our Mission

Tennessee River Artist Blacksmith Association (TRABA) Forge strives to keep blacksmithing alive by allowing people to learn the craft without investing much into tools. By having demonstrations, open forge days, and classes we hope to give people the skills required to shape metal the way they see fit and form a community around the anvil.

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TRABA Forge offers various opportunities for blacksmithing. Demonstrations will periodically be announced through our website. These demos will be open to the general public, and will be an opportunity for Smiths of all skill levels to watch a blacksmith project be completed from start to finish. "Green coal" classes will be held by registration on the website store. These classes will have a limited number to ensure the student receives in-depth and personal attention from the instructor.  The primary purpose of green coal classes is to build in the student's basic blacksmithing skills. Green coal classes are self paced, but will take multiple sessions to complete. Following completion of the green coal course, the Smith will be able to participate in open forge sessions. Open forge sessions will allow the Smith to persue individual projects, utilizing the equipment and resident expertise of TRABA to complete their project.


Forge Update: 05/26/17

Smithy construction continues. Forge hoods & smoke stack support bracing should be completed by tomorrow. Mark W. will be applying fini sh to the interior walls. Rough wiring is completed. We are now waiting for a patch of dry weather to bury water and electric lines to supply the smithy. Once stack bracing, water, and power are completed, we will put out a call for help. The contents of the smithy need to be moved from chuck's shop (Anvil, Vices, etc.) and we eagerly await the big move day.Stay tuned.

Forge Update: 06/10/17

Trenches are dug and utility lines (water & electric) are in place and soon to be hooked up. See the photos in the gallery. Stack bracing design and fabrication are complete. Stack instillation is scheduled  for Monday 6/12/17. Electric maybe finished this week. Stay tuned.

Forge Update: 06/14/2017

Plumbing and electrical are in place and working. New stacks are installed on the roof. Last minute smiting will be happening Saturday June 17th, in preparation for the Carroll arts show Saturday at 6pm. 

Forge Update: 7/15/2017

Finished staining the last wall section inside the forge. We will also be fabricating a steel storage rack. This is to hold all the steel for the forge group. Still to be done, is to set the bases for the post vices and the cone anvil. Come see us! 


Coal for Sale!!!

TRABA Forge is selling 50 lbs of bagged smithing coal.  Bags for non-members are $20.00 and members for $15.00. Sales will be in person and are pickup only. Contact Chuck Hutcheson at (325)-213-9408.